04 July 2013

My Life Coach and Me

When I won a week's worth of life coaching with Susan Duncan in a raffle, I thought I was helping out a friend jumpstart her new business  Turns out that I, a queen of organizing, goal setting and doing, needed the help instead.

At the start of the coaching session, I hadn't gotten any writing done in several weeks, due to other family activities. So I figured it would be best to work on that aspect of my life. During those first coaching sessions, I was reminded that planning is all good, but if it isn't set on realistic goals, heartache is an unintended consequence.

How many times can I set and not reach the goal of querying my story by the end of the year, and not see the flaw? Quite a few, particularly since I want to get to the other part of being an writer... published.

That's where Coach put her hands up and asked me to calculate, yes calculate, given my current rate of revision, a realistic date to send out the story queries. When the calculation came out to week 52 of 2014, I won't lie, that depressed me. But now I knew, and knowing is half the battle. Thanks to Susan, I realized I was too close, and impatient, to see how I was setting myself up for heartache. 

Which brings up something else Coach is helping me set up, an opposite of heartache: a reward system. This system includes a little rewards at set intervals if I complete my writing goals for a week. (I'm looking forward to some new music soon.) She also encouraged me to get the whole family involved, as they are my primary support system. So, the hubby, kids, and I have agreed to give High Fives and Family Hugs when anyone, not just me, meets interim goals as well as the regular celebrations when the big goals are achieved.

Another aspect Susan is working with me is to readjust my mindset when my daily writing goals are interrupted. It's sounds easy: reset the daily goal and mindset to see something positive of the situation. Operative words, sounds easy. Not so much, especially when that end of 2014 goal gets pushed into 2015. That is why she asked me to place the inspirational/motivational poster she asked me to make right next to my computer. A cheerleader always present and ready to encourage.

Just like with my decision to contract with my editor, I'm glad that I engaged with Susan on my writing life. I look forward to what else Susan has up her sleeve to help me to setup my success. Thanks, Coach!