24 May 2010


Lately, I've been easily distracted by things ... my new lens, new software, email. I notice it more in my writing, after all I only have a few hours a day to get any writing done.

One of the blogs I follow is Photofocus. Scott Bourne and his contributors offer great tips on photography which I try to incorporate into my photography work-flow. Lately, they've posted tips that I find applicable to writing as well. One such post is about focusing on work by reducing the distractions around your workspace, which he learned by way of racing cars.

Taking this to heart (particularly since it was one of my goals to get certain things done),  I've logged out of my RSS reader on my writing computer. No more checking the latest blog posts that come in the last 30 minutes. And doing that one thing has made a difference already.

Next up ... to stop logging into Facebook on my writing computer and only access it via the home computer and iPhone. Wish me luck.

17 May 2010

Another Lesson Done!

Just a quick post ... I finished another lesson in my revision course, in less than one week! Putting things in chronological order was easy.

This week's exercise ... looking for ways to shake up that order for interesting reading.

That is when I'm not thinking of distractions. (Read: playing with new Lensbaby and Aperture 3 trial, or wishing for a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. And yes, I can justify the tablet for writing ... as a handwriting input tool for writing notes and revising. No more paper!)

14 May 2010

Some Fun With My Revision

I received a Lensbaby Composer as a Mother's Day gift from my hubby and kids. I love it! And I've downloaded a free trial of Aperture 3. Love it too!

No, I haven't completely given up on writing. Honest. Yeah, I've been playing with my new photo software and new lens, but I have been getting things done on the writing front. Really! Trust me. I've completed another lesson, so now I'm on week #14 of my HTRYN course, in which I look at sequencing and timing of my scenes via my outline cards, making sure that I give my characters time to do what they need to do and don't put them in two places at one.

Don't believe that I've been working on writing? Here's proof.

Exhibit #1: Stacks of my outline cards in chronological order. (Sweet spot focus ala my Lensbaby Composer.)

Exhibit #2: Another shot of same cards, but you can see the colors I've added via highlighters and sticky notes. (The cool color effect via Curves manipulation in Aperture 3.)

I admit taking and processing photos yields results faster than revising, but I am working on my writing. Don't you doubt it.

09 May 2010

Flowers ...

for all the Mother's that touch our lives,
for all the Mother's we love.

Happy Mother's Day!