1st Novel Excerpts

I wrote my first novel during NaNoWriMo 2008, and it certainly resembled a first story as it rambled on and on. Since then, I've since taken two writing courses and read several writing craft books. With that information I'm revising my first story, posting bits and pieces to this blog when they are ready, and will continue to do so under the tag #fridayflash.

Some folks have linked through in the middle of the posting schedule, erratic as it is, and commented that they wish they knew what happened before the post they've just read. So, I've listed all my posts for this story in the order they should be read, which might be different than the order I posted them on the blog.

It is a GREAT thrill to receive comments, so go ahead and leave some. Let me know what you think. Good or bad. And thanks for reading!

Hunting to Come
Where am I?
Dinna Tell
Just Go
I've Got to Leave