06 May 2011

#FridayFlash - Found

A very short version of what I originally planned. And mostly the last one for a while. Enjoy...

Brian Rose tightened the strap on his horse again. Delaying again, get on with it, man.

He’d arrived at Faradoch den Beithe three days ago, prolonging his absence from home further by calling on his cousin, Meriel, and her family. That he would put up with Meriel’s insufferable husband, Ennis, was proof that he’d do just about anything to postpone dealing with his mother.

He checked his bags again.

A voice called from outside the barn. Glad for the interruption, he left his horse saddled and walked outside. 

An unfamiliar voice said, “Finally.” Brian turned towards the voice and nearly bumped into a bonny lass, her shapely form clearly outlined in a soiled, sleeveless shirt and breeches that left her legs bare.

Her green eyes opened in surprise, then her face lit up with relief. She reached out  to him, about to say something, then fainted. He lunged to catch her before she crashed to the ground.

After wrestling off her black bag, he laid her on the ground. Searching for wounds, he found dirt, scratches, and bruises. Blue-black bruises, framed with yellow that blanketed every part of her, even her face. How could anyone deliver blows to leave marks such as these?

Beads of sweat formed on her skin, yet her forehead felt cool to the touch. She needed help. Brian scooped up the lass and her satchel, then trekked back to the house.

Brian glanced down at the limp body in his arms, he’d covered her with his kilt to give her protection from any curious onlookers they might encounter. The few strips of her clothing barely covered her, leaving nothing to the imagination about her womanly curves. Why was she no wearing skirts like a respectable lass?

Her exposed legs and form fitting clothing weren’t the most shocking things about this stranger, nor the way she had literally dropped into his arms. Brian was not a squeamish person, but the sight of her bruises turned his stomach.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing where this is going. You've peaked my interest. Noticed one typo in "Why was she no(t) wearing skirts.."

Anonymous said...

Owwww I'm also interested to see where this is going - more please! Nice work

Julie (O-kami) said...

Ack!! you've left me hanging! LOL - guarantees that I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Came across this through a RT. Such a intriguing story. Love the details and the accent to the main character.
Adam B @revhappiness

Anne Velosa said...

Wow. Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone!

And to think I thought I was done posting story fragments. I've posted other fragments of this story, if your interested, previously on this blog.

At the moment, I'm reassessing the story structure of this story - adding scenes and deleting others. I'll post more as it makes sense.