18 February 2015

Choosing to Write

It's been a while, my last post was back in early December. Lots has happened in the interim -- lots of Life.

Things that Life taught me in the past two months:

  • If a ceramic lid drops, let it fall and shatter. (That is the better alternative to the husband catching it against a marble countertop, cracking it, and causing a complex laceration.)
  • Take a break from the insanity. (and driving to therapy sessions as soon as he can drive himself again) Corollary: Enjoy the break.
  • Finding your niche or passion is sometimes just a matter of choosing.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post: I choose to continue writing.

I still loathe revision, but the challenge of crafting a good story still challenges me. That challenge is enough to keep me going even with all the curve balls that Life speeds my way.

My pace may drop off for a while, but I will keep writing. I will keep writing.