14 May 2010

Some Fun With My Revision

I received a Lensbaby Composer as a Mother's Day gift from my hubby and kids. I love it! And I've downloaded a free trial of Aperture 3. Love it too!

No, I haven't completely given up on writing. Honest. Yeah, I've been playing with my new photo software and new lens, but I have been getting things done on the writing front. Really! Trust me. I've completed another lesson, so now I'm on week #14 of my HTRYN course, in which I look at sequencing and timing of my scenes via my outline cards, making sure that I give my characters time to do what they need to do and don't put them in two places at one.

Don't believe that I've been working on writing? Here's proof.

Exhibit #1: Stacks of my outline cards in chronological order. (Sweet spot focus ala my Lensbaby Composer.)

Exhibit #2: Another shot of same cards, but you can see the colors I've added via highlighters and sticky notes. (The cool color effect via Curves manipulation in Aperture 3.)

I admit taking and processing photos yields results faster than revising, but I am working on my writing. Don't you doubt it.


JenB said...

I would be happy to take the lens baby off your hands so you don't have any "distractions" :-) Happy revising! Looking forward to reading a recent draft soon....

Anne Velosa said...

Thanks, Jen. Too bad you are all the way in OREGON. ;-)

Haven't worked on Angie's story (the one you read) since I finished the 1st draft of it. I'm working on Akeva's (the time travel story) with the revision course. All this "revising" and I've yet to change a word in the manuscript. You'll be waiting a while to read a new draft of anything! Again, too bad we live sooo far apart, otherwise you could just pick up, or I could just drop off, this newest distraction of mine. I miss the old days!