15 October 2009

The Precariousness of Writing Time - Fall Break '09

The kids are on Fall Break so my writing schedule dwindles.

See, having the kids at home instead of at school means that I have less time to write. It doesn't make sense, the two older ones are old enough that I could still sneak off to my office during my normal time when the little one goes to nap. I should still have my two hours in the afternoon to march along with my small army. But somehow, I find myself relegating that time to getting other things done.

Today, we picnic'd at a local park. By the time we came back, got the photos downloaded and tagged in the computer, dishwasher unloaded then loaded, telephone calls returned, parsnips grated, leeks rinsed and cut ... well you get the idea.

I didn't start commanding my army until after the hubby and I finished watching our time-shifted TV shows from the night before. That part routine at least.

And then, today I downloaded a new writing tool - a ebook/clinic on plot by Holly Lisle. Instead of writing in the snippets of time between tasks, I've been reading about plot. I'm very interested to see how my self-taught idea of plot stands up to Holly Lisle's wisdom, particularly since I'm revising process the first novel and prepping for NaNoWriMo. (Will let you know how I fared, after I've figured that out.)

So, I put writing in the backseat. See, I'm all for learning more about this craft called writing. And I wouldn't have traded the time listening to the little one say "Hi Duckie" to each duck she saw, kicking the soccer ball with the family, or picnicking in the shade of eucalyptus trees for one written word.

Who knows ... maybe some of the words I add to the WIP tonight will have been formed this afternoon in the sun. And if not tonight, then when the kids get back to school next week.

Besides, who knew precariousness could be a good thing?

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