14 September 2010

Another Toy, er Tool, on the Horizon: Scrivener

I've mentioned that I use Scrivener as my word processor. But "word processor" doesn't even begin to encompass all that this software can do: outlines, corkboards, index cards, a binder to keep research with the writing project, compile manuscripts. Based on the tweets from @ScrivenerApp, I've barely touched the surface of what this program can do. I wouldn't be surprised that I've overlooked the software setting that would allow it to critique my story for me.

Today, I read a tweet, sorry I can't remember whose, about a new version of Scrivener coming out soon. Of course, I went to the Scrivener blog and read the latest post. Sure enough, in a few weeks, a new version will be released, with enhanced functionality ... like greater index card flexibility and management, cool organization tools, and ePub support.

It was a Make-Me-Smile moment.

There is a drawback ... I think I need to upgrade my OS to use this new version. And since I use the 1st gen MacBook Air, I'll probably need an optical drive, if I don't want the OS upgrade to take forever using the Remote Disc utility on the family iMac.  I'd planned to purchase these items, just not so soon. Regardless, this is just a tiny drawback and doesn't diminish my excitement one bit. (What a tech geek I be!)

So to the folks over at Literature and Latte, thanks for the smile and great software tool. I look forward to getting my literature-reading, latte-sipping and novel-typing hands on this new toy, er, tool.


dmj said...

Hello Anne,

Glad that you intercept some of my tweet tips! You can find the growing repository here: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6891

Thought I better clarify that there is no need to upgrade your OS to use Scrivener 2.0. The basic system requirements are the same as for 1.x. All pertinent information is in the blog towards the bottom.

Thank you for the blog post! ;-) Always appreciate users that go to the effort of writing about Scrivener. Hope that you enjoy using the "new toy" when it becomes available towards the end of October.

All the best,
David (Scrivener, Literature & Latte)

Anne Velosa said...
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Anne Velosa said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the information on the Sys Reqs. I must've missed reading it in my excitement.

As I only recently began following @ScrivenerApp, I'll check out the all the tips respository that I've missed.

Thanks again.