05 July 2011

I Love Research

I do.

I love all aspects of researching: asking questions, digging for answers, talking to experts, just learning new things. If I could be a professional student, always taking classes just so I would be learning something all the time, I would. Given my interests, my class list would be all over the map ... music theory, language, history, art, musical performance, movie production, photography, engineering, bio-materials, patent law, eugenics, ethics, chemistry, technology.

So, anytime I can quench my thirst for research, I indulge. Like for my writing.

I've begun revising another one of my novels, so I need to research the technical aspects of the story ... computer hacking, identity theft, and law enforcement. Fun stuff.☺ And makes the many hours of listening to Security Now! payoff in an unexpected way.

But what makes this particular bout of research so fulfilling is that I'm reconnecting with an old friend, one who will hopefully agree to be one of the experts I go to for information.

Just one more reason to love research, and of course, writing.

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