05 October 2011

Hi-Jacked by NaNoWriMo

Remember my time-travel romance story? Or how 'bout my techy romance novel? You know, the ones in revision limbo, the ones I was finally making headway on? Yeah, well, see, they were hi-jacked this week. Big time.

Instead of working my normal writing schedule, the story I'm developing for NaNoWriMo has taken center stage. Apparently, Ms. Muse, who doesn't show herself these days, is dropping questions all over the place as she swooshes her sword through the air. Like who is this Moragayn, no-last-name-thank-you-very-much, and why does she avoid everyone, which is pretty difficult seeing as her job requires constantly dealing with people? Why is Tanner, not his real name, such an ice hockey fiend? And why does Mr. B'alam, emphasis on Mr., loathe everyone? And how do they fit together? Really, who would want to wordsmith when these questions beg to be answered?

It doesn't help with all the blog posts out there about NaNoWriMo either. LynnViehl, who isn't even participating this year, has blogged about the event here and here with more wisdom planned. Larry Brooks has committed to write 31 posts, one per day for the month of October, to help us plan for NaNoWriMo on his blog, too. (My favorite so far is this one.) And while they haven't mentioned the writing event of November, the folks on the latest Writing Excuses Podcast recently discussed The Hollywood Formula which certainly ties into story planning. All this and I haven't even logged on to the official NaNoWriMo site.

No wonder my writing has been hi-jacked.

One small consolation: I know my story hostages will be released on 1 December at 12:00AM.


Sylvia van Bruggen said...

Your writing had no resistance to all that awesomeness. Good luck with plotting and thanks for the fabulous links!

Anne Velosa said...

I like that ... no resistance to all that awesomeness. I suspect given your espionage story that you'll be having fun with plot twists too.