18 November 2011

Almost there...

Well, not quite. The family and I have about three hours, according to Google Maps before we arrive at our destination. I brought my laptop with me so I could type while the hubby drives. I'm a bit of a back-seat driver, so as you can probably guess, not much writing yet.

However, while I thought of a photo to this post for your visual pleasure, I wondered if I could incorporate the scene into my NaNoWriMo novel, which is currently at 61% of the 50k word goal. The scene I'm working on, when I finish his post, is set on a private beach, but we're driving through the California desert. It'll be a stretch, but I'm going to give it a try. If after I write it in I decide that it doesn't belong, it's just a draft and I can take care of it later. That's what the revision stage is for, right? But trust me, I don't want to do more work than necessary, I'm going to think about this a bit, after all I need a distraction so I can leave the husband to driving.

So, here's to creativity, safe driving on the road, and on the computer.

For those curious about why we're driving in CA, our Irish Dancer daughter is competing with a team of 8 dancers at the western regional competition. Good luck to all of the Maguire Dancers!

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