04 January 2012

A TBR Books Quickie

Two of the gifts I received this holiday season were books. One by new-to-me author, Catherine Coulter and the other by not-new-to-me-author, Christina Katz. One historical-fiction, the other non-fiction. And I'm looking forward to both.

Why? Well, as for the Coulter book, I'm always looking for new stories to devour, to discover new places even if they are old, and to see how other authors craft their stories. Which leads me to why I'm excited for Katz's book: to improve my writing and develop a sustainable approach to this not-a-day-job-yet activity.

Any new books that you are excited to read? Let me know in the comments.

In case you were curious, the two books are ... 

Catherine Coulter's "The Valcourt Heiress"
Christina Katz's "The Writer's Workout"

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