03 February 2012

Beta Readers, Here we go!

Yep. I've done it!

What you ask? Well, I've sent out the story I'm revising/editing to a Beta reader that has never read my stuff. Well, at least not since high school, we probably swapped essays during our high school English classes, but I'm not counting those. I've also asked someone who had expressed an interest in reading my work if she would be interested in helping out.

My Alpha readers will transform into Beta readers. (I'm not sure if that's the right terminology, but I like it, and I'm using it.) Alpha #1, my hubby, has already started this draft. Next, I'll compile my story for my Alpha #2 reader and send it off to her. She'd read the 1st draft and liked it, I wonder what she'll think about the changes I've made.

So here goes! Maybe, I'll actually get to the query phase.

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