23 May 2012

Time, Writing, & Possibility

When I signed up for the writing workshop, I knew that I would be busy. After all I had iCal'd all the events that this May hosted: the climaxes of most of my volunteer activities; the end of school for a Preschooler, a 3rd grader, and a 5th grader with its various music programs and parties; an Irish Dance competition for our 3rd grader; and my husband's various business trips. I thought I could fit in a small writing workshop

Wrong. While I kept up with all the family activities up to now, not a single word was written over the weekend.

What did I learn? Two key things ...

  1. Schedule my time wisely, taking on projects and activities that support the family and myself without much sleep sacrifice. (How many times do I "counsel" my husband about that? Gonna hear from him about that for a while. Ouch.)
  2. Develop my own writing schedule with challenging goals that don't kill me. (10 pages a day is killer, what made me think I'd get 20 with everything going on?)

Barbara O'Neal, I love all her books, posted about respecting your natural rhythm. After my harried May, her post provided me food for thought. And with summer break coming up, I'll be figuring out how to balance house stuff, kids, and writing that doesn't leave me like a meltdown waiting to happen but leaves me and the family empowered. The complete opposite of this month.

Coincidentally, as if coincidences really happened, over the weekend I met up with an old friend that I'd taken a personal development course with a few years ago. We got to talking and she reminded me that "... but, it won't ..." closes doors, whereas " ... and I could ..." leaves possibility waiting to happen. (Thanks, Pam!) Like a rose bud, particularly one called Pink Promise.

So my plan going forward... 
  1. Participate in the remaining three weeks of the writing workshop, writing what and when I can, gleaning tips and tricks to draft and revise fast. 
  2. Remember this month as a learning experience to manage my time wisely.
  3. Develop a summer schedule for writing and fun.
  4. Make possibility happen.
Now, off to make snack happen for the little ones.

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