14 August 2012

Resurfacing to Roll With It

Resurfacing. Finally.

Despite the evidence to the contrary, with my last post back in June, I didn't forget about my blog or my writing. I just let other things take precedence ... kids, summer vacation, trips, cleaning, laziness. After a summer off, I'm ready to get back to work. I've cleaned and rearranged my office. All three kids are in school. A new writing plan is in place. So now I can get busy writing/revising. As a matter of fact, I've already reconnected with a few writer comrades, revised two scenes, and written this blog post. And it's only Tuesday. Can you tell I'm rejuvenated, pumped, ready to get this revision behind me?

It's because I took the summer off. Rather than carry the guilt and frustration of not keeping my writing schedule with the kids out of school, I gave up trying to shoehorn everything into my days and rolled with it. Yup, me. I rolled with it.

A memory from Arthur's Seat
I may have mentioned before that I can be stringent regarding my schedule, so this was a hard concept for me. As my family can attest, I get very cranky if things don't go just as I've planned. But being cranky, guilty, and frustrated got in the way of being with my husband and kids. Rather than ruin a perfectly good summer with my rigidness, I figured writing would come with the new school year. Besides, being there for the kids and creating life-lasting memories with my family are things I'd rather carry with me.

And really, my number one priority is my family. I chose writing as something to work on because I could fit the activity in the interstices of our schedules and lives, and hopefully earn a little something along the way. I forget that fact from time to time in wanting something for myself and to maintain my writing momentum. I'll keep forging time for my writing, but work on being flexible and appreciative of what I accomplish.

Which brings me to what I hope to work on for the rest of the year.

  1. Finish revising Angie's story and start the query process by mid-October.
  2. By the first of November, complete a story outline that I started in June, so I can participate in NaNoWriMo.
  3. In December, pick up where I left off on revising Akeva's story.
  4. Work on story prompts throughout the year to hone the craft and keep my writing fresh.
Ambitious, I know, but something to roll with.

PS - Rolling with it worked extremely well on our big vacation to Scotland ... left to my own devices we wouldn't have seen half the things we did or gotten some excellent story fodder along the way.

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