06 March 2013

Playing with Book Covers

Playing around in Photoshop Elements with some of my own photos, I made two temp book covers for the two stories I'm working on.

Death's Choice: The composite is made from a very red Tucson sunrise and a desaturated bloom from my travel in Scotland.

Stranded by Lightning: The landscape is from outside Dunrobin castle, the stone (all three the same stone) from a cairn near Inverness, and the person is my youngest daughter from a photo where she is rushing to get out of a tunnel from  under St. Andrews Castle.

They may not be the right format, but for the moment, they'll do. Besides, if I publishing these stories, I'll seek professional services. (I don't think my youngest daughter will appreciate the photo in years to come.)

And not all my time has been spent playing around. Via Google+, I may have found a writing buddy. Looking forward to her critique on Death's Choice.

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