28 August 2013

A Writer's Internet Find: BrainyQuote

I was working on a blog post when I went in search of a quote and I found a great site called BrainyQuote.com.

This site is loaded with quotes about everything. When I searched for voice, this is what I got. Over 40 pages of quotes. Incredible.

The site utilizes Google Search to query the internet and list the results for your perusal. At least, that's how it seems. A bit wonky if you ask me, but it gets the job done. However the search works, I've bookmarked the site for future use.

If you've ever wanted to use a quote for your writing, or anything else, this might be the place to check out. Do you have a favorite place to get your quotes? Share in the comments.

(Bet you can guess that my next post has something to do with voice.)

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