19 September 2013

What I'm Up To (if not revising)

This month I signed up for 21 Moments - Round 4 and Platform Bingo - Round 2.  Like I needed more work to do, but when else would I take on developing my writer's platform or writing just for the sake of writing? Exactly. There isn't ever a better time.

For these writing challenges, I'm handwriting everything in notebooks. Thought I'd try out someone's theory of getting more written by longhand instead of typing. I can say, that while the thoughts aren't laid out as nice as I'd like, getting to 200-300 words for the 21 Moments is much easier since I can't use the delete button. Which makes keeping caught up a breeze. It's also nice to have the work in one, tangible place. I will say that I've gotten some interesting bits from the 21 Moments.

Platform Bingo, Round 1, highlighted that I have some work to do with my platform. With time, effort, and published works, eventually my platform will mature. Round 2 started with interesting tasks, which brought up the question of when to get my very own website. Still thinking about that.

Until I figure that out, I thought I'd share of a bit of the work that I've completed from Platform Bingo, Round 1. Christina's task for the last day of round was to write a Bio. It took a while, but I finally finished it. Read it below, dissect it, give me feedback - if you like.

Anne Velosa loves a challenge. Which is why the former materials engineer became a writer. That and because she loves a good story. 
Writing a story that whisks a reader away on a mini-vacation, raises interesting questions, and plucks the heartstrings has proven quite a challenge for Anne, but one she gladly takes on. She enjoys reading different genres, so her novels contain elements of romance, history, science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. Sometimes, her fascination with technology and gadgets sneaks into her writing.  
Other challenges in Anne's life include managing a family of five,
shepherding her three children around Tucson, AZ for their various activities, and trying not to interrupt her work-from-home husband with her "Aha!" writing moments. Somehow, she also wedges in digital photography and yarn crafting into her busy days. 
Story excerpts and Anne's musing on her writing life can be found on her blog. http://mywritingexistence.blogspot.com/

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