29 January 2014

Web Wednesday: Links I Liked (29 Jan 2014 ed.)

I'm going to try something a new: muse about things that I saw on the interwebs that sparked something in me.

The links might've sparked something as simple as a smile, a new entry in my Evernote compendium of writing things, a story idea, or just plain enjoyment. As this is my writing existence space, I'll work to keep the links related to writing and story.
  • Frozen Becomes the Highest Grossing Animated Film! I love Disney films, so it wasn't a surprise that I loved Frozen too. So kudos (not the snack bar - I made that mistake once) to the production crew, especially the writers. I wonder how much of the fact that the story has two strong female protagonists is a function of one of the writers being a female.
  • I love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. The first book in the series is being adapted into a TV series by Starz to be aired this Summer. Starz has released two trailers, different only in the endings. Trailer one. Trailer two. Love them both, but am partial to the second one.
  • Another one of my favorite book series received some love this week. The Into the Wilderness series by Rosina Lippi, pen name Sara Donati and my editor, received high marks in a survey of historical fiction books. If you haven't read this series, what are you waiting for? 
  • Photography is a big part of my life, and I'm weaving into my writing process as well. I use photographs to spark ideas, to record locations (I have a slew of photos from our Scotland trip to use in one my stories), and model characters. Sometimes, I enjoy a picture for the sake of the picture. This one, by one of my first contacts from twitter, is one of my favorites just for its clean contrasts and starkness.
  • I keep an Evernote list of agents looking for new clients. I realize that by the time I'm done with a story and ready to query, most of the agents listed will probably not be looking anymore. But I keep adding to the list because it'll be a good place to start my search. This week, two agents popped up: Laura Zats and Nadeen Gayle. Thought I'd share the links in case anyone needed more query opportunities.
  • Last year, I listened to Fault in our Stars by John Green and loved it. It too has been adapted, but into a feature film. The trailer was released today. Be warned, tears will flow.
  • And just for fun... This link is a commercial for Jaguar. "It's good to be bad."

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