17 September 2014

A Brief Announcement

I've got a writing gig for a local, regional newspaper called the Tanque Verde Voice. I submitted my first piece and accompanying photograph yesterday. Proud writer right here.

Life plays funny games with us humans. This material science engineer never thought I'd write for a newspaper, that I'd be publishing my musings about living in the Tanque Verde Valley, that I'd have to learn how to use watermarks on my photos, or that I'd gain this opportunity through volunteering at the school. Yep, Life likes to play funny games alright.

I'll still work on character development, plot, and conflict as I continue developing my novels. I'll occasionally write in my journal and muse about writing on this blog. Now, I add personal essay writing and supportive photography to the mix.


Cathy said...

This is fantastic news! Congratulations

Anne Velosa said...

Thanks, Cathy!