27 January 2011

I'm Celebrating.

Finally. A big weight off my shoulders.

I've completed the 1st draft of my NaNoWriMo2010 story, roughly 80k words. And, no I'm not  going to think how many more drafts it will go through, it is very rough in places. Really. I'm stopping this instant. Instead, I'm focusing on the fact that I got it all down in my trusty Scrivener. Like I said, finally.

A celebratory dessert is in order, maybe a hot apple pie, a yummy 7Up bundt cake, or even an untried-by-me recipe to test. Something to feed me and my Muse.

Then, I'll continue celebrating by purchasing new music. I'm thinking maybe How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack, Philharmonics by Agnes Obel, or maybe something completely different. My wishlists in Amazon and iTunes are quite long and diverse. I'm sure the new tracks, whatever they are, will  become part of a writing playlist in the future. More Muse gifts.

And another thing I'm going to do to celebrate? Go back to one of my Late List items and complete my How To Revise Your Novel novel.

Oh, and buy a new external backup drive. My old one crashed just yesterday.

So, time to go celebrate. Guess which one I'm starting with first. Yep, I'm opening the course outline, weekly lesson, and the old manuscript. This weekend will feature the dessert, and the hard drive and music will have to wait until next month's budget.

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of ways to celebrate completing the next milestone. Bribery, it works. Hopefully, the Muse agrees.


Sylvia van Bruggen said...

Congratulations!!! Get Agnes! She is brilliant :)

Anne Velosa said...

Thanks again for the recommendation! I might have to go for both of them.