12 January 2011

List of Late

Yes, a list of Late.
  • January is half over and this is my first post in the new year. Late.
  • Other author/writer blogs have listed, discussed, advised, commented on how they are/aren't meeting their resolutions. Late on this too.
  • Still working on the 1st draft of my 2010 NaNoWriMo novel. Yep, late.
  • Online courses not complete. Late.

Late. Late. Late. Late.

I hate it when people are late. I despise it when I'm late. So, yeah, I'm a little edgy about being late on so many things.

Fortunately, I don't have external deadlines to meet, just my own goals. And this years goals include to finish the revision course, finish my Think Sideways course, find a crit partner, and finally start the query process for at least one of my stories. I know, I know. These goals sound awfully familiar ... like my goals from last year. You guessed it: Late.

But I haven't quit. I'm still reading, learning, thinking, typing. Still working. 

And you know what? I'll keep my list of Late, thank you very much, over a list of Never.

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