31 August 2011

Angie's Playlist

Lots of authors listen to music while they work. Some writers listen to anything, while others carefully pick each song, sometimes down to those with words or not.

Me, I do something in between. Sometimes I play one of my stations on Pandora, other times I pick an artist like E.S. Posthumus. If I really need to get in a groove, Placebo's Running Up That Hill plays non-stop. Though usually, I listen to a shuffle mix of albums I've picked that give me a general feeling for the story I'm working on.

My laptop has limited memory so I don't have a large music selection on it. Right as I start a story, I look in our large music library on the home computer and copy the ones that stand out to me as fitting the story over to my laptop.

So, this week I thought I'd share which albums I currently have in my playlist for my modern story dealing with tech and modern characters, the main character is named Angie (hence the name of the playlist). I created this list a few years ago, and now that I look it over, I think I need to add more Techno, like Oakenfold and Tiesto, and those E.S. Posthumus albums I mentioned.

What do you listen to?

PS If interested in sharing playlists, I just started using Spotify (user: AZAnne).


LJCohen said...

Very cool. I use much of the same music to get me pumped to write. Love Placebo, Evanescence, and Coldplay. :) Good stuff!

Anne Velosa said...

I really enjoy this playlist. My other one, for a time travel back to Scotland, is very different. I'll have to post that one too. BTW, Evanescence just released a new single that I've placed in my music wishlist.