17 August 2011

Slow Progress

I'm chugging along. Progress is slow. Slow as we settle into the kids new school year. How slow you ask?

Well, since last week ... One Scene Done. Yes, Done. Just One, but Done. Only ~90 more to go.

A lot of work left, right? Fortunately some of those scenes, which ended up as thinking/no-action scenes, will be folded into others. Or is it unfortunately as I'll have to work to blend information that originally wasn't intended in the other scene? I don't know.

In this small progress, I'm reminded that revising takes so much more time than just writing a scene. Rereading, deleting, adding, rearranging, questions to ask and answer, picking the just perfect words, nailing the emotional impact, all while maintaining the flow.

But completing that one scene, that small victory, appeased the Muse (btw: she still holds that sword) and gave me energy to keep working.

Since the Muse watches me out of the corner of her eye while she sharpens that sword, and I desire that Victory High, I'm off to revise.

(Don't ask if I like revising yet. At this stage, better to leave the question unasked. And unanswered.)

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