03 May 2013

#FridayFlash: Says The Master

Two years ago, my older daughter, lured by the pretty dresses and tapping shoes, pulled us into Irish Dance. When she began classes, this hispanic family knew absolutely nothing about Irish Dance. Reel? Jig? Hard shoes? It all might as well have been Gaelic as far as we were concerned.

The dance school family embraced us with open arms. The dance instructors, the dancers, and the parents helped our daughter, and the rest of the our family, to understand and love the sometimes crazy, but always fantastic life of Irish Dance. Now, our younger daughter has joined the ranks, we've made life long friends, and we know more about trebles than I think possible.

Recently, a fellow Irish Dance parent/writer challenged me to write a piece for something like an Irish Dance Storytime. So, me being me, I searched the internet for the history of Irish Dance. I came across information about Dance Masters, instructors that traveled across the land teaching villagers Irish Dance.

That history, as well as Darren Maguire's commitment to Irish Dance and his students, are the inspiration for this little poem that I wrote for my 21 Moments writing challenge.


Says The Master

To the beat. With grace.
This foot here. That foot there.
Dance with your heart.
Says The Master.

Dancing gets the chores done.
Dancing brings the neighbors to call.
Dancing starts the ceili.
Says The Master.

In the morn, Dance to school
In the eve, Dance in the streets.
In the night, Dance in your dreams.
Says the Master.

Dance to forget.
Dance to remember.
Dance to love.
Says The Master.

Dance is life.
Life is Dance.
Love Life. 
Love Dance.
Says the Master.

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