11 December 2013

My 2013 Christmas List

This year I'm asking for three external hard drives. I know, I know: not sexy, exciting, or sentimental, but practical.

One drive I'll use to to keep my photo library (opening up space to write and store that bestselling series), the second drive will serve as the photo backup, and one more drive so I can run a journaling backup of the laptop's internal drive. With the one drive that I already have to mirror the laptop drive, I'll have a total of four hard drives.

Yes, I'm a little obsessed about backups. But after losing a drive once and all the data on it, I swore to never be in that situation again. I gotta protect my stories, right? One day when I have an income, I'll get that Drobo that I've been pining for.

In the meantime, I'll also ask for a couple more things. Debbie Ohi, an illustrator and writer, does a great job of capturing what else I'd like...

Don't worry. I won't hold my breath that I'll get the time to write or the gripping opening sentence, but a writer has got to dream.

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