22 August 2009

Another Blog?

Another blog out on the ether. Really, do we need another one? Good question. Need, definitely not. But here it is anyway. So why am I doing this?

Possible answers ...
* Maybe it's time to set up a platform (see Getting Known Before the Book Deal)
* I'm a narcissist (I'm sure my sister would agree)
* Need an outlet to air my writing ups and downs
* Work on my writing skills
* Develop a network - make writing friends
* Share my influences

All true, to some extent or another. And there are probably others, if I really thought about it.

Like can you expect my husband to have to listen to me all the time about this new and exciting realm of my life? Don't get me wrong, he's very supportive and is delighted I've found a creative outlet. (Maybe even one that may result in some income.) But sometimes he's on travel, on the telephone and isn't always be available at the moment when I'm ready to go on about a story kink, the new lesson in my writing course, or any other issues that influence by writing.

So, I've created this blog to act as my sounding board. Hopefully it's interesting to you, maybe even entertaining from time to time. Speaking of which ...

I've got a review of a new L. Viehl book coming up very soon. Just got the eARC today. So stay tuned.


Kellie said...

There is always room for another url! And while I'm not a writer, I play one on my blog...but, you won't find a lack of writers here as I am sure you already know. But I enjoy reading the blogs of writers..

Love your reasons for starting the blogger quest...looking forward to coming back!

Anne Velosa said...

Thanks Kellie! I added your blog to my google reader so I can keep track of you too.

I'm actually excited to have started this blog.