21 August 2009

First Post - Sad news for Rosina Lippi Fans

Tonight I was adding the URL for one of my favorite authors, Rosina Lippi, to my Blog Roll when I encountered an error from Blogger saying there was no feed for her blog. Nah-uh! Determined to prove that Rosina did in fact have a feed, I clicked to her website and got a text page. Without reading it, I retyped the address a few more times, getting the same page, before finally reading the message. In which I learned Rosina, aka Sara Donati, has left the blog-0-sphere. Wow.

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the The Wilderness Series, written as Sara, and I fell in love with Nathaniel and so wanted to be Elizabeth. I bought all the books in the series, and am in the process of getting all the audiobooks. I have all her books she wrote as Rosina too. Loved the The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square. Yeah, you could say I'm a fan.

Truth be told, she was one of the authors that inspired me to start writing fiction.

I'm sorry to see her go, I'm sure I won't be the only one that will miss her presence out here on the tubes. Maybe one day she'll be back. Regardless, I send her best wishes from across the internets.

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