28 August 2009

A Writing Course and Smiles for my Loved Ones

Two weeks ago I signed up for an online novel-writing course, How to Think Sideways. My first course since I’ve been writing my novel. The last writing class I took, Technical Writing, was when I was an engineering undergraduate, way back when. A handy course for writing scientific papers and non-fiction, and mandatory since I had failed the undergraduate writing exam. (Yes, for those of you who know me well, I failed an exam.)

But back to this course ...

A few months ago I learned about the course when Holly Lisle, the creator, was still developing it. I was very tempted to enroll, but we were getting ready to put the old house market. I didn't want to have too much on my plate, so I put it off until two weeks ago when I read another writer's take on the course and what she was getting out of it.

I wish I had signed up back then. Sure, the course is interesting. So far the material has focused on getting to know yourself -- what stops you, mapping your likes/dislikes, finding your muse. And I’m looking forward to working on the future assignments.

But what got me was how things have shifted for me, almost like a lightness of being. Before the course, I've been irritable and quick to anger, not wanting to write.

Signing up for this course, besides helping me to develop my writing skills and career, was something I did for myself. As opposed to always doing things for the kids, the husband, the house. Other authors write/advise that you feed your muse and take care of your body. Sounds good. After all, it's just common sense to take care of yourself. But how many of us, writer or not, really do that? I know I’m guilty, it's too easy to let taking care of yourself become a luxury and not a must-do item on the to-do list.

These past two weeks, I'm recharged. Actually itching to do some writing -- hence this blog, thinking about new story ideas, looking forward to NaNoWriMo, revising my WIP. But there's more: I'm not so quick to anger, having fun. And I’m smiling more at my family.

Just for signing up for a course, who'd a thunk it?

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Alfonso said...

Love it when you are smiling.