13 September 2009

More on the Lightning Strike and the Unrealistic

Someone asked if lightning struck. Thankfully it did, since that particular idea has become the idea used in this week's HtTS assignment, albeit with some tweeks.

"Tweeks?" you ask. I changed the unlikely ID theft guys from priests to something else. Don't ask my how or why my mind came up with priests, but it did. But can you imagine your local priest as an internet-savvy thief? I just couldn't see myself writing it despite having dreamt up the whole thing.

Although ... no one would expect that twist. Hmmm, maybe I should reconsider ... nah.

As for actual writing/editing - action has been minimal this week due to life stuff. But I did get through that difficult scene I mentioned last week. The meeting between those two characters is now totally different from what I had been working on. The new version flowed out of the ol' fingertips into the keyboard. I think it was the unrealistic part that was tripping me up. Will go back and reread for flow, fill in the gaps before moving on, but I'm pleased with how it worked out.


Alfonso said...

Glad to hear that the version flowed from the ol'fingertips. The life stuff can certainly put a crimp in anyone's writing - so I'll hurry back tomorrow.

Anne Velosa said...

Finished the scene, wrote the next and now back to the already-writen stuff.