18 September 2009

Too Cool

Remember that I asked for and received an eARC from Lynn Viehl? In return I agreed to write up my thoughts on Shadowlight and post it on the interwebs. That done, I sent an email to Ms. Viehl informing her of my post.

Hold on, I'm getting to the cool part.

She posted an entry listing several links in which people had said something about her story. And my site was one of them.

How cool is that? A prolific author with books on best-selling lists actually put a link to my newbie blog on her blog!

I'll tell you how cool -- Too cool.

1 comment:

Alfonso said...

Its interesting how things start to flow. All it takes is a little patience, and a lot work behind the scenes.
A lot of work.
And I think you have been doing your work